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At Ability Builders, we find particular pride in ensuring that we are able to serve you, your child and your whole family in the best way we know how! We will answer your questions or we will direct it you to a person who can. 


In this area, you will find helpful links to your child's development and interesting articles from our group of experts. 


The early years of a child’s life are very important.  They grow quickly and have so much to learn.  Some children and their families face special challenges that might require professional assistance. 


As a parent you are the most important person in your child’s life.  Think of your child and how he or she is growing.  You know your child best.  You notice things like how and when your child smiles, sits up, walks, talks, or holds a cup.


What you are sensing is how your child is growing through the different developmental stages.  When a child has a delay in development, services are available to help you.


Are you providing Telehealth?

NYC BEI has mandated Early Intervention services to stop providing face-to-face (in person) therapy starting March 27, 2020 up until the time that the COVID-19 State emergency is lifted. Please help us track your cases by filling out the Telehealth survey form to the left. This will also help us identify needs that you might have relating to this service.

As of 3/27/2017 all providers will be required to provide Telehealth services until further notice. Please tell your families about Telehealth service and how it can help them during this outbreak.

Download Telehealth
Forms here 
Providers wishing to restart in-person services: Please carefully read these documents





Mon-Fri 8:30am - 6pm

Parental Consent to Email Forms Fillable. Here you will find the fillable form that would allow you to Email Parents

Parental Consent to Use Telehealth Services. This is a fillable Telehealth Consent Form (Required) 

SC Telehealth Service Checklist. This is a fillable Form, meant to be used by service coordinators prior to the start or Telehealth services 

Telehealth Service Log. This is a fillable Form (If you previously downloaded the log, please redownload the current revised one for immediate use)

EI Telehealth FAQ. This is the most current FAQ dated 3/25/2020 it does not include previously sent FAQs.

EI Telehealth FAQ. This is the FAQ from 03/19/2020.

Guidance for Using Materials found in the home and community during EI Services 6/22/2020

Guidance on Resuming In-Person Early Intervention in NYS June 18, 2020

NYC Detailed Action Plan for Return to In-Person Services  6/22/2020

NYC Consent to Initiate or Resume face-to-face services fillable form 6/22/20

Westchester County Consent to Initiate or Resume face-to-face services fillable form 6/22/20

Westchester County Return to In-person Services Guidelines 6/22/20

EI Telehealth FAQ June 18, 2020. Reissued with clarifications on consents, payments and other issues.  

Nassau County Consent to Initiate or Resume face-to-face services fillable form 6/23/20

Nassau County Health Assessment form to determine suitabiliyt of face to face services 6/23/20