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Service Availability

Please contact us at 718-239-8239 with your referral!

8601 (Fahmidha), 8602 (Zada), 8603 (Nicole), 8604 (Homer) & 8605 (Edenia)


Dear SCs! Although we strive to provide you the most current availability list, we are staffing continually and this list might not be current when you make your referral. We apologize in advance if you make a referral and the availability noted here might no longer be true. Despite that, if you click on the make a referral button we will acknowledge your referral, and we will do our best to staff your request. Our goal in the future is to be able to confirm your staffing as long as it is in the list. In the meantime, we thank you for your referral and for your patience! 

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