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Telehealth Extended to April 15

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

According to the NYS Technical Assistance Unit of the Bureau of Early Intervention in an email message last Friday, Telehealth services will be approved and reimbursed up to at least April 15. This is due to the current state of emergency prevailing in New York State.

Peak of Infection Expected Soon

As of this writing, cases in New York State reached 122,596 with 108,635 of those cases in New York City and other adjacent downstate counties. Exactly one month ago, there were 11 deaths due to COVID-19, now there are more than 9,400 deaths!

COVID-19 has now become personal it now affects people we know firsthand. Every one at this time knows a service coordinator, a therapist, a parent, aunt or uncle, friend, mother, father, sister or brother who is battling the virus.

Top health officials say that the peak of infections and deaths related to COVID-19 will occur in the next 5-7 days. Dr. Jerome Adams, United States Surgeon General, said "It's going to be our 9/11 moment...the hardest moment for many American's in their entire lives."

Stay Home, Save a Life!

To contribute to fighting the virus, we recommend for everyone to completely stay at home in the next 14 days unless absolutely necessary.

After the peak, the number of cases and deaths are expected to plateau and then start going down and we would have a greater chance of returning to normal.

Our hearts go out to all of the members of our Early Intervention community, our team members and our extended family who might be suffering right now from the effects of COVID-19.

We continue to support each and everyone of you despite the physical distance.

Keep safe and healthy!

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