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Telehealth/Remote Therapy Authorized Until April 6

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

During the declared state of emergency, reimbursement will be available for individual telehealth (virtual) early intervention services provided in accordance with the child’s Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and for which there is a service authorization under the following circumstances:

  • The family expresses a need for and agrees to use of virtual early intervention visits during the time of this declared emergency.

  • Prior to initiating telehealth services, the family must sign a consent for service to be delivered virtually and that the family understands that virtual services pursuant to their IFSP will be in place of and not in addition to their IFSP mandate. Signing the consent can take place via email (if the family has consented to use of email), or via US postal service or fax).

  • Providers and families have the necessary platform to conduct virtual therapy services. This means that the service must include video and audio components for the entire duration of the authorized visit. If the technology fails and the full authorized session is not delivered, it is not billable.

  • Therapy services cannot exceed the visits included in the child’s IFSP.

  • Virtual therapy services must be a minimum of 30 minutes in duration.

  • Providers must maintain all required documentation of the therapy service and note that it was provided virtually. See additional documentation guidance below.

Group services cannot be conducted virtually; however, the child’s IFSP may be amended to reflect individual services if appropriate.

When the declared state of emergency is no longer in place, there will be no reimbursement available for virtual early intervention services until formal guidance on the delivery of early intervention services via telehealth is issued.

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